the NFT that keeps on giving! SolCrocos are the first and will remain the best Crocodile NFTs living on the Solana blockchain. We are still young in our journey, yet we have evolved so much already! Our first drop, the OG100 sold-out in minutes and our second drop, the Gentlemen’s Club of 200 sold-out in seconds!!! The Crocos community keeps on growing exponentially at every drop. Our drops will go like this: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and lastly 4811 to make total Crocos 11,111. Goal of the project is to build a strongest NFT community out there, grow as a community and end up the #1. With the suggestions of our Founding Community, we have elaborated a reward structure that pays to hold a Croco and provide the opportunity to build a lot on a small starting investment. The earlier you get in, the rarer your Crocos will be and the more rewards you will get along the way. Don’t you worry, this is only the beginning and much more is to come, especially for the last few drops. The first four drops are providing the holder with free Crocos from subsequent Drops. It was not possible, proportionally-wise, to keep giving free airdrops to Crocos of the last three drops but this doesn’t mean they are any less special. We will make-up for it in other ways… we need to keep some mystery for later.

The First 100 (OG100)

Being the first ones to embark in the SolCrocos journey, the holders of OG100 represents the foundation of this project and as such, the rewards that come from holding an OG100 Croco are significant. They get Royalties from every subsequent drops, they get whitelisted for all subsequent drops, they will receive a free airdrop from Drop #4 and they have access to a Private Channel on Discord.